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Kherson puppet theatre

Kherson regional puppet theatre — Kherson, 8, 40 Let Oktyabrya. Tel.: 0552 26-51-57

Kherson regional puppet theatre opened its first theatrical season on December, 15th, 1971. The first years the theatre existed without own accommodation. But romanticism of a romantic life was terminated in 1986 with a great holiday — the solemn opening of a palace for Kherson puppet theatre. There were a beautiful foyer, a fantastic fountain, the fine stained-glass windows, constantly operating exhibitions of exotic small fishes and birds and, certainly, the most important — was convenient hall for spectators and a perfect stage.

For the thirty years of its creative life the theatre has been welcomed at many countries: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, and Turkey. Their plays became the winners of nine well-known international festivals of puppet theatres in and outside Ukraine.

The puppet theatre gives a lot of energy and joy to the children of our region, faith in beauty that can save the world.
Boris Chuprina — the main director of the theatre, the honored artist of Ukraine.

More info about the puppet theatre here


"The magic lamp" — Moscow theatre of children’s book



Association of the theater

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2. 02.03.2022 23:23
Rachael Savage
This is a message for Boris Chupryna I have messaged you on Facebook and through Vamos Theatre but wanted to contact you more privately. I am watching the BBC news and they say that they are not sure or not if Kherson has been taken over by the Russians. The world can not believe how Russia has not been able to take over the whole of Ukraine easily. The Russian soldiers do not seem to know WHY they are fighting- they do not have the strength or moral like the people of Ukraine. The world is full of respect and admiration for the people of Ukraine. I am sending all my love and strength and hope you for Boris. Love from Rachael from our Trestle Theatre days.
1. 01.04.2012 20:47

Да, театр кукол очень интересен для детей. Хотя в Киеве некоторые куклы еще со дня основания театра выступают, прям музей для взрослых и ))

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