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Kerpatenko Yuriy Leonidovich

N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre
Conductor, orchestrator, bayan-player.

Born on 9.09.1976 г. In Kherson. He started his music studying when he was 7. He graduated with honors from the Children’s Music School in 1991 and Kherson Music College in 1995.

He is the numerous winner of regional and republican competitions of national instruments players, including the 2nd premium at the republican competition among pupils of musical collegies in Kherson.

During the studying period at the music college he had been engaged in music composing. He created a number of musical compositions for a bayan, a piano, a national instruments and chamber orchestra which have entered into repertoire of a national instruments orchestra of the Kherson music college, various ensembles of national instruments and a chamber orchestra «Gilea» — the Kherson regional philharmonic society.

In 2000 he graduated with honors from the faculty of national instruments, a bayan class at the P.I.Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine in Kiev. In 2004 he also graduated with honors from the faculty of opera-symphonic conducting (a class by the supervision of the professor, the national artist of Ukraine V.B.Gnedash as well as a class of instrument studying and orchestration by the professor L.N.Kolodub).

As a solo bayan player he was a member of a music band in Italy, France, Switzerland and Monaco. He had practiced at the P.I.Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine during his studying.

In February 2004 he was invited to the Kherson regional philharmonic society as a  main conductor of a chamber orchestra «Gilea» After 2 months the orchestra participated in Columned hall of the National philharmonic society of Ukraine (Kiev).

August the same year he was offered a position of a head conductor at the Kherson regional music and drama theatre (from 2005 — Academic theatre).

During 2004-2006 years has prepared a number of interesting programs with the chamber orchestra «Gilea» and soloists of the philharmonic society. In March 2006 the orchestra celebrated its 30-years anniversary (the founder - the honored artist of Ukraine G. Vazin).

The orchestra took part in a festival of chamber music «Travnevi zustrichi» (Kirovograd, 2005), a festival of chamber music «Amadeus» at the Kherson regional philharmonic society (2006). It regularly participates at the International competition of Academic Art in Nova Khahovka.

While working at the theatre he set up a musical by Y.Shevchenko “Malyuk” (“Kid”), I.Kalman's operetta «the Violet of Montmartre », organized a number of concert-theatrical programs. 

He works as an orchestra man carrying out orders for various ensembles and orchestras.

Contact details: yurker@ukr.net


Concert program the "Magic music of orchestra"


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10.09.2008 In expectant of large "boom"

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