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Cimmerians — people that settled themselves on the territory from Caucasus to Thrace including Crimean and North Black sea area in  VIII—VII century B.C. Cimmerians, in the poetry of Homer, a mythical people who lived in northwestern Europe, on the shores of the ocean, where perpetual darkness reigned. The name is also used to designate a historical people who settled along the northern shore of the Black Sea and presumably made several inroads into Asia Minor (the accounts are confused). The Cimmerians, driven from their homes, probably in the 8th century B.C. by the Scythians, overran Asia Minor; they plundered Sardis and destroyed Magnesia. After their defeat by the empire of Lydia about the 7th century B.C., the Cimmerians disappeared.

Scythians, name given by ancient Greek writers to a number of nomadic tribes of southeastern Europe and Asia. The name was used either for the Scythians proper, or Scolots, dwelling north of the Black Sea, between the Carpathian Mountains and the Don River, in what is now Moldova, Ukraine, and western Russia; or for all the nomad tribes who inhabited the steppes eastward from what is now Hungary to the mountains of Turkistan. The tribes are believed to have migrated to these areas from the region of the Altai Mountains, on the border of China, during the 8th century B.C. Their speech was a form of Iranian, one of the branches of the Indo-European languages. Scythians kept herds of horses, cattle, and sheep, lived in tent-covered wagons, and fought with bows and arrows on horseback. They developed a rich culture characterized by opulent tombs, fine metalwork, and a brilliant art style.

In the early 7th century B.C. the Scythians advanced south of the Caspian Sea and invaded the kingdom of Media, but they were expelled in 625 by Cyaxares, king of Media. Shortly after the middle of the 4th century B.C. the Scythians of southeastern Europe were subdued and largely exterminated by the Sarmatians, who then gave their name to the region. The Scythian tribes in Asia, however, invaded the Parthian Empire, southeast of the Caspian Sea, in the 2nd century B.C. About 130 B.C. they advanced eastward into the kingdom of Bactria, in the region of present-day Afghanistan, and in the 1st century B.C. they invaded western and northern India, where they remained powerful for five centuries.



Cimmerians and tavrians

Where Cimmerians disappeared?

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