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History club “Licari Velikogo Stepu”

Our club started its activities in 2007 with the preparation for the trip to the Kinburn battle reconstruction place, where fortress Kinburn was situated (Kinburn Spit within modern Mykolaiv region). Minimal kits of costumes and weapon models were prepared for the trip. These kits have been being improved since the club's activities beginning. It's quite clearly seen if the photos of different years should be compared. In addition of costumes creating we make household items and musical instruments. Trips to the festivals of historical reconstruction were our main goals at the beginning of the club's activities. But now entertainment and enlightenment of Kherson region people and tourists and of other regions of Ukraine people as well we consider to be basic club's activities. We visit children's thematic camps and take part at public celebrations and thematic actions devoted to Cossack history. We tend to organize events ourselves not only to participate. Our club was one of the winners of the contest that was held by the Assistance Civil Activity Foundation. Due to this victory enlightenment celebrations - vechornytsi - were held. We are interested not only in Cossack subject area. We have started the Scythian project. The Middle Ages project is also planned.

Contacts: Andrey Lopushinskiy - club supervisor 050-87-88-981, e-mail: lopushinskaya.ir@mail.ru; vk.com/club37299554


Historical reconstructions: Andriy and young lady


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