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Kovalenko Elena Sergeevna

I was born in June, 1980.
I obtained a degree in Economics. Frequently I look for a help by using computer technology but work independently on printing and preparation of my work.

I took part in exhibition “For amateurs” that was organized by Kherson photo club “New vision” in February 2006, in exhibition “Creative work of Youth” organized by photo company “Photo-Konica” in March, 2006. I am planning to publish a booklet of the best pictures of mine.

The prior tendencies in photography, for me personally, are portrait, landscape, macro, and advertising photo but I do not limit myself thematically; do some custom work — pictures of architectural buildings, industrial landscape, vessels, cars etc., take photos of glamour, vogue and work with models.

At the present time I live in Kherson. All my life I admire the beauty of differences of nature in my town. You can see everything in here: steppe, river, forest, sea and a bit further down south are the mountains of Crimea. Entire world is around you… I don’t want to miss any single detail. Many faces… Different views, different gestures, different emotions, different fates…. There aren’t any similarities.

The world around you is versatile and marvelous. The photography is my way of perceiving this world.


Fragments of the personal photo-exhibition of "etc"

From publish in the press.

The fragments of the personal photo-exhibition are "Dear, anchorwomen of people"
1. 06.02.2009 08:48

Очень понравилось "Бюро эстетики" - всегда будет злободневным...

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