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> Tourism, rest, entertainment > Hobby group “Water tourism” at Youth centre

Hobby group “Water tourism” at Youth centre

Hobby group “Water tourism” at Youth centre

Hobby group “Water tourism” at Youth centre organizes and carries out backpack tours of the different category of complexity along the Dnepr river and its inflows — Konka, Chayka, Ingulka etc.
Anyone who is interested can take part in such tours. Camping, staying in the tents, cooking on the bonfire…. During such trips kinds can physically get stronger, bathe and get suntanned, learn to tourist tricks and skills and how to overcome difficulties etc. They learn to protect and enjoy the nature: trees, bushes, flora and fauna of the region.
The leader of a group is Nishkur Tatyana Nikolaevna.
Contacts: (0552) 54-87-38, 24-79-30;

e-mail: admin@library.kherson.ua


Walk on kayaks on Lower Dnepr.
2. 17.04.2012 17:36

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1. 14.04.2012 21:13

Сколько стоит участие в походах и существуют ли они сейчас? Сто лет не сидела в байдарке, скучаю... 

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