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  • Allukrainian poetic festival "An Т-Р-act"
  • Art-party "Amber dragon" Dragons still have not died yet! At all times people of art have been allocated from crowd and gathered in small groups with similar interests. Probably, lonely creators ...
  • Creative group of Leviy Strauss MANIFEST OF THE DRUNKEN RADICAL PARTY
  • Kherson club of book-lovers "Kobzar" List of members of Kherson club of book-lovers “Kobzar”2000-20021. Abdalov V.G.2. Budzinsky Y.S.3. Bystrova V.A.4. Gornostaev Y.V.5. Grebenyuk V.D.6. Dovgan’ N.I.7. ...
  • Kherson provincial library for the youth of im.Borisa lavreneva 14-А Dimitrove str.Kherson, 73020  Ukrainetel/fax:  +38(0552) 297-105e-mail – obu@tlc.kherson.ua Open hours Contacts: Sun ...
  • KHOO SPU The Union of Ukrainian writers, Kherson regional organization (KRO UUW)  —    16  Ushakov str. Members of KRO UUW for 1.01.2005: 1. Belyaeva Elena – ...
  • LibrariesKherson libraries:O.Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library73000, Kherson, 2 Dnepropetrovskaya St.,tel.: (0552) 22-64-48, 26-40-29, 26-63-97http://www.lib.kherson.ua/e-mail: library@tlc.ks.ua Lesya ...
  • Literary museum, B.A.Lavrenev’s house-museum Literary museum, the house-museum of B.A.Lavrenev — 325000, Kherson, 1 Gor'kiy St., tel.: (0552) 26-30-66
  • Literary sites of Kherson http://ukus.ks.ua —- "bite" — the virtual collected works by Kherson authors (Sergey Zubarev's project) http://putnik.alfaspace.net/ — literary newspaper ...
  • Mass media about questions of culture and art It is easy enough to name all regional editions which would specialize only on questions of culture and art, and those which were published on a regular basis. ...
  • O. Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library O. Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library on the websitehttp://www.lib.kherson.ua/
  • Publishing houses of Tavriya Publishing houses of Tavriya Publishing house "SLYAZH" — 73036, Kherson, 132, office 401, 40 Let Oktyabrya St. telephone: (0552) 510398  Publishing house "Naddnipryanocka" ...
  • Society of "Prosvita" of the name of Tarasa Shevchenka November, 1905 — the first organization Prosvita was set up in Kherson. 1906-1908  – Russian repression against Prosvita activists. 1917  ...

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