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  • All-Ukrainian festival - competition of folk music MILKY WAY All-Ukrainian festival - competition of folk music MILKY WAYFounders and organizers of the II All-Ukrainian festival - competition of folk ...
  • Bard club GIRAFFE Club website  here A propos Club GIRAFFE had put out its “neck” above greyish Kherson daily occurrence in the middle of the 90s — in the revelry of ruin, a hyperinflation and ...
  • Chamber orchestra HILEYA Chamber orchestra HILEYA is a pride of Khersonians now. Since the first years of its existence the chamber orchestra HILEYA has been an active propagandist of the world classical ...
  • Closed type concert areas Concert film hall YUBILEINY N. Kulish Kherson academic music drama theatre Kherson palace of youth (158 Perekopskaya st., tel.. 55-27-08) Kherson music school A. Shovkunenko ...
  • Concert areas OPEN AIR The embankment of the park of the GLORY The square in front of the regional drama and music theatre The stadium CRYSTAL The square in front of the UKRAINE cinema The square ...
  • Creative group of Leviy Strauss MANIFEST OF THE DRUNKEN RADICAL PARTY
  • Folklore groups Of khersonshchiny
  • International forum - festival "Krok in maybutnє
  • Kherson musical school The Kherson music school is a higher educational institution of the 1st level of accreditation, was founded in 1908 on the basis of musical classes at the Kherson branch of the ...
  • Kherson palace of the children's and youthful creation
  • В данный момент страница находится на редизайне.  
  • Kherson regional Philharmonic society Kherson regional philharmonic society — 73000, Kherson, 28 Gor'kiy Str.Tel.: (0552) 49 -32-70, 24-15-76, 24-15-76 — reception, 54-74-74, 24-14-54. The regional philharmonic ...
  • Kherson school of culture Kherson school of culture — 73000, Kherson, 20 Dekabristov, tel.: (0552) 264362, 264168, 264678 The school was opened in October, 1944 soon after the liberation of Kherson from ...
  • Light and sound supplying services for performances Professional sound:  Yurash Vasily — cell phone: 8-050-5982781 Tel’nyak Alehsey — cell phone: 8-050-9272625 Professional light: ...
  • Music group. Type Kherson... Chilibombers Premier of century Ominous Abyss The large stereo-shock Online Sbei Pepel's Prospero’s library — Websites:http://www.biblioteka-prospero.com/ ...
  • N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre To the anniversary of the professional theatre in Kherson It has been almost ...
  • Quartet THE SEASONS Levchenko Natalia, the honored artist of Ukraine — viola Vazina Tatyana — violoncello Zakhozhenko Olga — the first violin, the leader of the band Chuy Alena — the second violin
  • Recording studio ONLINE-RECORDS Address: Kherson, 6 Voennyi passage (town centre, inventory office building). Contacts: 8-050-9272625  (icq 344814258) — Tel’nyak Aleksey, 8-050-2170282 — Oleg.www.ps.org.ua
  • Recording studio PLAVNI records Studio PLAVNI records 7, of.16 Dzerzhinskiy str. Kherson Contacts: Valentin Manyakin. Mobile: 8-050-993-28-40. Bogdan Butov. Mobile: 8-066-310-14-19.
  • Rock festival TAVRIYA ROCK & ROLL Rock festival TAVRIYA ROCK & ROLL is the festival from the last millennium.Do know you that the oldest music festival in Ukraine appeared in Novaya Kakhovka? In August ...
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в материале http://artkavun.ks.ua/studija_zvukozapisi_plavni_records.htm прошу добавить - студия сейчас не работает, либо снять мой мобильный.



ЗЫ на кого отправлять материалы по предстоящим мероприятиям фестиваля "Джаз на Суворова" ?

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