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  • All-Ukrainian festival of folk creation "Kupal`skie of star" Festival Kupala Stars  was founded in 2003. It takes place in Golaya Pristan’, Kherson region.
  • Art-party "Amber dragon" Dragons still have not died yet! At all times people of art have been allocated from crowd and gathered in small groups with similar interests. Probably, lonely creators ...
  • Association of the air kites Association of kites Ukraine, Kherson, 152/5, app. 10 Senyavin Str., Zverik Aleksey Pavlovich, tel.: +38(0552)26-72-40, 43-10-69 azverik@selena.net.ua www.kite.ks.ua ...
  • Closed type concert areas Concert film hall YUBILEINY N. Kulish Kherson academic music drama theatre Kherson palace of youth (158 Perekopskaya st., tel.. 55-27-08) Kherson music school A. Shovkunenko ...
  • Concert areas OPEN AIR The embankment of the park of the GLORY The square in front of the regional drama and music theatre The stadium CRYSTAL The square in front of the UKRAINE cinema The square ...
  • Festival of aeronautics “Feeriya v nebe Tavrii” (“Spectacle in Tavria sky”) Aeronautic festival  Enchanting Spectacle in Tavriya Sky Reference: Balloons promotion
  • Festival “Melpomena Tavrii” The international theatrical festival MELPOMENA OF TAVRIYA  since 1998 has been held yearly in Kherson in the middle of June. The main idea of the festival ...
  • Festivals of Tavria Festivals, competitions Status Establishing year   Place   Date   Organizer       Regional competition of vocal ...
  • International forum - festival "Krok in maybutnє
  • Kherson league of the CLUB OF CHEERFUL AND SMART (CCS) Kherson league of the CLUB OF CHEERFUL AND SMART (CCS)  References: http://www.kvn.org.ua/ — Association "CCS — Ukraine"http://www.kafedra.com.ua/ — ...
  • Kherson musical school The Kherson music school is a higher educational institution of the 1st level of accreditation, was founded in 1908 on the basis of musical classes at the Kherson branch of the ...
  • Kherson night clubs Kherson night clubs
  • В данный момент страница находится на редизайне.  
  • Kherson school of culture Kherson school of culture — 73000, Kherson, 20 Dekabristov, tel.: (0552) 264362, 264168, 264678 The school was opened in October, 1944 soon after the liberation of Kherson from ...
  • Light and sound supplying services for performances Professional sound:  Yurash Vasily — cell phone: 8-050-5982781 Tel’nyak Alehsey — cell phone: 8-050-9272625 Professional light: ...
  • Managements of culture of Kherson city advice Culture Department at Kherson city councel 7 Krasnostudencheskaya street,  Kherson, 73000 Contacts: (0552) 22-53-15, 22-98-95   Head of Department ...
  • Model agencies, fashion theatres Association "Peace. Beauty. Culture."  Student fashion theatre "TEYA" (Kherson National State Technical University) Lavrik sisters ...
  • N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre To the anniversary of the professional theatre in Kherson It has been almost ...
  • Studio "Artefact" The Artifact studio appeared as a youth artistic organization in 1994 while the creative independent association THE KEY had been working on its project Open-work ("Azhur") (the photo ...
  • The model agency and children’s fashion theatre YAROSLAVNA STARS 7 Linin street, Kherson. (0552) 540626 mobile: (050) 9550350 Anatoliy (050) 4941210 Irina e-mail: zymodels@mail.ru
3. 09.05.2018 18:05
Подскажите какая организация проводит флешмобы?
2. 13.07.2013 19:59

Як можна дізнатись хто займається організацією концертів до дня міста?

Редакция ИР12 15.07.2013

Катерина, організацією концертів до Дня міста Херсону займається управління культури міської ради м.Херсон

1. 14.06.2010 10:29
Руденко Артем Владимирович

Русский рукопашный бой "Русский стиль" по системе А.А. Кадочникова в Херсоне!

"Движение" - школа естественной культуры тела.

Зимнее расписание:пн, ср, пт с 19.00 до 21.00.

Летнее расписание:с 18.00 до 21.00
Место занятий: Таврический, за гипермаркетом "Оскар"
Время занятий: с 18 до 21.00
Дни занятий:
* понедельник,
* вторник,
* среда,
* четверг.

Тел.: 050 933 56 73
Контактное Лицо: Артем.
Сайт: http://vkontakte.ru/club15282110

Дополнительная информация

:занятия могут посещать как парни, так и девушки

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