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  • Festival “Melpomena Tavrii” The international theatrical festival MELPOMENA OF TAVRIYA  since 1998 has been held yearly in Kherson in the middle of June. The main idea of the festival ...
  • Kherson children’s opera theatre  Kherson children’s opera theatre —7 Krasnoflotskaya, tel.:. 22-56-16 The theatre was established in December, 2002.Tatyana Sivtsove — the creative leader of the ...
  • Kherson palace of the children's and youthful creation
  • Kherson puppet theatre Kherson regional puppet theatre — Kherson, 8, 40 Let Oktyabrya. Tel.: 0552 26-51-57 Kherson regional puppet theatre opened its first theatrical season on December, 15th, ...
  • В данный момент страница находится на редизайне.  
  • Kherson school of culture Kherson school of culture — 73000, Kherson, 20 Dekabristov, tel.: (0552) 264362, 264168, 264678 The school was opened in October, 1944 soon after the liberation of Kherson from ...
  • N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre N. Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre To the anniversary of the professional theatre in Kherson It has been almost ...
  • National educational theatre “Studio Art” Kherson state university and academic lyceum at the KSU National educational theatre “Studio Art” was established in 1998 at the Pedagogy and art department (present ...
  • National theatre "CHANCE" Not having either its area or roof overhead national theatre Chance from Novaya Kakhovka tries to perform and show its work, each of which becomes event. However the theatre ...
  • National young spectators’ theatre "Art lyceum" The theatre of young spectators "Art - lyceum" was established at the theatrical department of Tavricheskiy art lyceum in 1993. ...
  • Theatrical studio “SECRET SOCIETY” Welcome to the SECRET SOCIETY theatrical studio! To be a teacher is a hard work. It is necessary not only to know all material but also to be able to use it in practice. ...
  • Youth theatre-studio ALLEGORY — “Knekht’s workshop” Youth theatre of an experimental - analytical drama "Kneht`s Workshop "  The director - A.I.Ermakova It is based in 2003 as a drama studio "Allegory". ...
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За частую концерты студии "Квартал 95" проходят в ККЗ "Юбилейный". Рекомендуем Вам обращаться непосредственно в кассы ККЗ "Юбилейный" по тел.: (0552)26-47-55

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