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> Tourism, rest, entertainment > Useful addresses for kids` holidays

Useful addresses for kids` holidays

Useful addresses for kids’ holidays

Useful addresses
 If you experience the problem, how to keep your child busy and away from troubles during his holiday, you might find useful the following information: 

Palace of children and youth activity
73000, Kherson, 2, Chekistov St., tel.: (0552) 225652

Centre of scientifically-creative studying
73025, Kherson, 6, Suvorov St., tel.: (0552) 264473, 264504

Place of children and youth art
73034, Kherson, 5a, Kol'tsova St., tel.: (0552) 531232, 531911
Club of young seamen
73021, Kherson, 3a, Dorofeev St., tel.: (0552) 275603, 270669

Regional centre of scientific and technical creation for students
73000, Kherson, the rest Ushakov, 27, tel.: (0552) 495088, 224284

Regional centre of  tourism and local lore study
73000, Kherson, 18/2, Ushakov St., tel.: (0552) 495344, 494361

Regional centre of ecological and naturalistic activity of the studying youth 73011, Kherson, 236, Tschaikovsky St., tel.: (0552) 264277

Radio club "Satellite"
73035, Kherson, 11, 2 Vinogradnaya St., tel.: (0552) 324552

Centre of extra-scholastic work, Dneprovsk region of Kherson
73002, Kherson, 6a, Tekstilschikov, tel.: (0552) 556086, 552791

Centre of children and youth of Komsomol region of Kherson
73011, Kherson, 51, Engels St., tel.: (0552) 237391, 237930.


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1. 14.12.2008 19:01
Марийкина усадьба
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