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Savel'eva Valery

on September, 19, 1991, as led, I borned, usually, it happens with all, and though however much I love banalities, but without it in any way not to treat. Consequently with the fact of appearance of My Majesty it is finished on the world, and I expressed a desire to live insolently. Remember childhood vidrivkami of bright movie film and by varicoloured sleeps. For the most frightful and most liquid events are some reason remembered as a visit of hospital. In 6 years headed for the Tavriyskogo lyceum of arts, to study on an artist. Businesses went not obliquely, not awry. In Kyiv did not enter, and to the Academic lyceum took with gladness. Here and study, almost finished already. Well and well, can yet and to other city will depart, to get higher education.  A picture is my hobby, engaged in him began rather with a desire to write down the most interesting events of life and some colourful characters, interesting locality. By the way, have superstition, deify to take off trashes.

Study and engaged in creation in a city Kherson.

 From 2008 in a фотоклубе «The Fresh look».

 Here presumably and all, dear friends. The date of death absents.



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1. 06.04.2009 12:02

смени ету страшную фотку на что-то более позитивное))) 

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