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> People > Arts and crafts > Litvinov Nickolaj > Сувенирный буклет с авторскими работами
Nikolai Litvinov - Kherson artist-designer. 
Over 40 years is studying the history of ancient cultures of the territory Ukraine. Theme of Scythia, which was firstly clarified by the "father of history" Herodotus (especially times of interaction of Greeks and Scythians in the Northern Black Sea Coast) is one of his favorite. Culture of the ancient ancestors inspired for creation of author "Askania animal style". Masterworks attract the gaze, bewitching by magic of antiquity in the interpretation of contemporary art.
"... I'm not interested just to copy the artifacts. They are likely inspiring me with new modern products. Moving from sketch to finished creation is carefully processed. Firstly I check the details, I consult with professionals. Years of experience, studying of museum archives, foundations and scientific works helps. Then, using my own methods of imagination, I create a new image. And artifacts "come alive," but in a new, modern form...”

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