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> Topics > Cinema > Tavriya through the movie camera

Tavriya through the movie camera

Selected movies, actions of which occurred in Tavriya.
"Wedding in Malinovka" — 1967; directed by A. Tutyshkin; Starring: V. Samoilov, Y. Leedev, M.Pugovkin, Z. Fedorove, А. Аbrikosov, Т. Nosov, М. Vodyanoy, N. Slichenko

Great music, incendiary dances, magnificent performance of favourite actors, inexhaustible national humour in a hilarious musical comedy about the fight against a gang of "Sir-ataman Gritsian Tavricheskiy”
"Two friends served" — 1968; directed by Yevgeniy Karelov
Starring: О. Yankovsky, R. Bykov, А. Papanov, N. Kryuchkov, А. Demidova, V. Vysotsky, I. Savvina, N. Burlyaev, P. Krylov, R. Yankovsky, R. Tkachuk, N. Parfenov, V. Frid, Y. Budraitis, V. Cmekhov.
The main characters of this story is the Red Army soldier Nekrasov who has become the front cameraman by the order of the army authority, and his assistant Karyakin, the former division officer, who vigilantly patronizes his helpless and not quite reliable "photographer"...
Selected movie which were taken in Tavriya.

"Headless horseman", "Rus’ primordial"
"Оleko Dundich", "Aladdin’s magic lamp""Three hours stop" , "Machine-gun cart from south" ,  "Inasion",
 "Adventure of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn", "Lost in the sends", "Five minutes of fear"
"Imperceptible avengers" — 1966; directed by Keosayan Edmond. Starring:  V. Vasilev, V. Kosykh, M. Metelkin, Е.Kopelyan, L. Sverdlin, B. Sichkin, I. Churikova.
The first national western with heroes-teenagers. Dan’ka and Ksanka are children of the peasant, shot by gangsters, together with their friends — Valerka, the grammar-school boy and Yashka, the Gipsy, decide to revenge for the death of their father.
"Аmerican boy" — audience point of view.  Script writer’s point of view. here 
Selected movies with Khersonians participation.
«Scarlet sails» («Mosfilm», 1961, directed by A. Ptushko),
«Treasure island» (film studio by M. Gorkiy, 1971, directed by Y. Friedman), «Captain Nimo» (Odessa film studio, 1975, directed by V. Levin), «Rebellious Orion» (film studio by A. Dovzhenko, 1979, directed by Y. Sherstobitov).
Informational resource: "Khersonschina through the movie camera" 
Aleksandr Skorokhod //Hrivna № 21(489), 2004-05-20 (р. 21)
"9 Rota" (“The 9th Company”) (2005, directed by F. Bondarchuk) about the Khersonians here.


1. 28.02.2012 11:13

Это стало для меня неожиданной новостью, что такие всем известные хиты советского кино снимались в Таврии. Я почему-то раньше думал, что именно в Крыму. Хотя чему тут удивлятся, ведь пейзаж в Таврии довольно таки примечателен и красив. Легко сплутать с крымским.

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