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Questions of culture

A culture as a subject is a branch of the cultural knowledge: the history of culture, the economy of culture, the geography of culture, sociology of culture, etc. 
Auxiliary culture subjects are heraldry, textual study, historical geography, numismatics, paleography, heraldic, archaeology, ethnography and other subjects in humanity science.
Geography of culture — a region of cultural knowledge, which investigates the problems of free space propagation of culture.
History of culture — branch of culture as a science, which investigates the cultures of the concrete social species, which exist within the specific time-spatial framework. 
Sources of culture — science and subjects, which made it possible to form culture as an object of research:
-1- the historical science: civil history, the history of specific science, the history of art and artistic skills, the history of pedagogy, the history of religion, etc;
-2- applied historical subjects: archive science, history of museums, library science, regional study, oriental study, etc;
-3- auxiliary subjects: archaeology, heraldry, paleography, numismatics, , textual study, etc. 

Sociology of culture — branch of sociology, which studies:
- laws, governing of development and functioning of culture in any society;
- formation, storage, propagation and mastering ideas, cultural standards, values, models of behaviour.
Philosophy of culture — branch of philosophical science, which investigates the specific character of the formation of culture, its essence and value, and also special feature and laws governing the cultural historical process. 
Economy of culture — region of knowledge of culture, which investigates the problems of economy of culture development.


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