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Contemporary art in Kherson

Actual artthe aggregate of experimental art practices that appeared in the second half of XX century. Actual art is indissolubly related to such kinds and receptions of art activity as performances, happening, ready-made. In spite of that term «actual art» has appeared comparatively not long time ago; the root of this social and artistic phenomenon had begun at the early XX century, from the work of Dadaists, Marcel Dyushan and Cassimere Malevich.


«Actual art» is a Russian analog to «contemporary art». As in English there are two words for denotation of concept «modern»: «modern» and «contemporary», thus «Modern art» serves for denotation far from “modern” art of modernism, the participants of artistic process had chosen a word «actual» for denotation of the following activity.

(Information from Vikipedia - the free encyclopedia)


A propos

Actual art in Kherson is represented in activities of a centre of youth initiatives “Totem” and in a museum of modern art by Vyacheslav Mashnitsky

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