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Art-party "Amber dragon"

Dragons still have not died yet!

At all times people of art have been allocated from crowd and gathered in small groups with similar interests. Probably, lonely creators find this world not so easy to live in. Even now, in Kherson, the new creative community, named "Amber dragon" is organizing at O. Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library. Proceeding from mythological and fantastic sources, amber dragons differed from other of their kind. They could easily make themselves comfortable on a man’s palm, ate flower nectar and appeared when they were called. Maybe in the same way our Kherson dragon was born.

All the members of that organization are people of art — painters, poets and writers, performers, art people generally and of cause, those who are interested in art. To show and look at their art work these people organize art parties. Every party has its specific theme. If you are interested, you are more then welcome.

(Anna Mykhina, "Gorozhanka" №164(164), 6.11.03 

A propos

This article was written yet to the first art party. It precisely makes sense of everything what is happening now. 

Happening elements are always present at every art party.


Happening is a non-plot actionwhich is theatricalized:

- develops without the preliminary programmed scenario; and

- it is counted on the spontaneous actions of performers and on active participation of spectator audience.


Art-party 1 in the "World fentezi"

Art-party 2 "Trips in time and space "

Art-party 3 "Forbidden books"

Art-party 4 "Amikoshonstvo"

Art-party 5 "That there, in Dali?" (To to 100-летию Salvador Dali)

Art-party 6 "Broken scopes" (To 30-летию of the "Bulldozer exhibition")

Art-party 7 "Generation of Net.Art I am "

Art-party 8 "Dionisiyskie of eugenics"

Art-party 9 "Japan: intimate meetings"

Art-party 10 "Мультимедійний вернісаж"

Art-party 11 "Photofeelings"

Art-party 12 «Е-citizen» (electronic technologies are in cultural life of modern man)

Art-party 13 «Cat Da Vinchi»

Art-party 14 «Theft of Europe»

Art-party 15 «Nuances»

Art-party 16 «Tea on two - 2»

Art-party 18 «Makarovy telyata»

Art-party 19 «The face of spring»

Art-party 20 «Attendants on April»

Art-party 21 "Imagine"

Art-party 25 "And - no, and - yes" to the Day of the Internet in Kherson

Art-party 26 "MyauArt"

Art-party 28 "Apollo Alliance". By Day of Tourism / Libraries


15.04.2011 Madness on a short leash
30.01.2011 Art-party "And, no, and, yes,"
02.12.2010 Chudovo privіd for zustrіchі
02.12.2010 Art Party "Limits of Tolerance"
25.11.2010 Limits of Tolerance
23.04.2010 The center of European information presents
16.03.2009 «Makarovy telyata»
1. 27.03.2011 13:28

Добрый день! У двух последних арт-пати № 26 - один номер ?
Не могли бы вы давать ссылку на статью в инете, если у газеты есть электронная версия, как у "Вгору"?

1. Опечатка в галереях с номером арт-пати "И-нет, и-да" №25 исправлена.

2.Ссылка на статьи в электронных версиях газет обычно выставляются, но последний номер "Вгору" на сегодняшний день пока не выставлен.

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