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Bibliophile or Book Collecting, acquisition of books by an individual, institution, or library. Generally used to denote an interest in the acquisition of rare or otherwise exceptional books, the term is sometimes restricted to the activities of bibliophiles, or private book collectors, who specialize in these items.

The rarity and value of a book are determined by certain criteria, many of which are, in fact, irrelevant to the literary merit of the work. Books may be prized because only a limited number of copies were printed, or because they were printed with hand-set type or made with handmade paper, or because costly reproduction processes and binding materials were used. The most desirable books, however, are the first editions (usually small in number of exemplars printed) of books by well-known writers, particularly those whose reputations were established posthumously or late in their writing careers. Incunabula and books published during the earlier phases of printing, from about the middle of the 15th to the late 17th century, were invariably issued in comparatively small editions. Thus, they become increasingly valuable as a result of inevitable losses and injuries to surviving copies through the years.

Antiquarian salon — http://www.antiq.com.ua/
Alib.ru — the second-hand books - http://www.alib.ru/
Bibliophile Patefonych — http://biblpatefonh.narod.ru/
Collections on rin.ru — http://collection.rin.ru/
About S.A.Sil'vanskiy
Jewish scribe  From the history of people and ex libris


From is gratuitous Kherson bibliophile M.A.Emel'yanova

Kherson bibliophile of 2000-2002.

Ex-libris from the collections of the Kherson bibliophiles


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1. 29.06.2014 14:11
Валентин Григорович

Шановні херсонські бібліофіли! Просто хочеться привітати вас і з існуванням сайту, і з виданням (нехай і малотиражним) збірника. Сам я відношусь до дніпропетровських бібліофілів, але у нас, крім балачок, про необхідність клубу або видання якось альманаху справи далі не посунулись. Ще раз вітаю вашу ініціативність.

З повагою, Валентин Григорович

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