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Photo art of Tavriya

Photo art of Tavriya

Photography is a method of picture making developed in the early 19th century, based on principles of light, optics, and chemistry. The word photography comes from Greek words and means “drawing with light.” Photographs serve as scientific evidence, conveyers of news, historical documents, works of art, and records of family life.
Photo art — a variety of the artistic creation and expressive possibilities of photography.
Kherson regional organization National Association of Photo artists of Ukraine — Kherson, 16 Ushakova St. Regional Administration of Culture

Kherson photo-club "New vision" — Kherson, 2 Dnepropetrovskaya, O. Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library, Info centre , telephone: 0552 22-64-48 — Thursdays: 16.30

Kherson regional youth photo-club by A. Alpert — 73000, Kherson, 11 Gogol St., telephone: (0552) 243488, 424023 (2005 it was converted into a photo-salon "World of digital photography" and a studio "New vision").

Photographic printing for the artistic photo  is the best one from Kherson photographers’ point of view (mainly because of the quality of printing equipment):
1. From the network of "Grey" company — 41a 200 Let Khersona, the centre of digital photo "Kodak Express", recommended operator — Victor Chizhov: +38 067 7892507
2. From the network of “Jupiter" company — 6, 49th Guard division St., the photo-salon: (0552) 539002, recommended operators — Sergey Arkanov, Vladimir Sokol
3. From the network of "REST’ company — 19a Kommunarov St., (opposite planetarium), the house of digital photo: 22-14-50, fax 42-15-99, recommended operator — Denis Bogodukhov

References: Photo-portal http://foto.ua/

http://www.topphoto.ru/   http://fotoplenka.ru/   http://www.photoclub.com.ua/
http://www.photoclub.com.ua/   http://ephotolink.ru/ 
http://www.masterphoto.ru/   http://www.dphotographer.com.ua/   http://www.photoguru.ru/


Album of "Photographer of Tavrii"

Fotoal'bom of "Tarkhankut is a verge of two worlds"

Fotoal'bom of "Поезія zhittya" В.Рылеева

Photoalbum "Askaniya-Nova - precious land" V. Klimova

Fotoal'bom of "Picture Vatslava Moshinskogo".

Fotoal'bom is "Look" A.Zborschika

Fotoal'bom "Maestro and his students" V. Moshinskogo

Project of Tat'yany Skorohod "Wind from a sea"

Art Line


Фотоконкурс „КІНО”


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21.10.2010 On the cob creative Way
21.10.2010 Movie through the eyes of photographers
05.05.2010 Provincial debut
02.04.2010 In Kherson opened amateur «Hollywood»
01.04.2010 «Our Al'pert in space!»
31.03.2010 Flight of the soul
05.03.2010 Two paints reflect the world
04.11.2009 Keeping a legacy of the legendary photographer?
12.05.2009 Revive a positive!
30.04.2009 Smell of Vesny
22.04.2009 PIVDEN'09
02.04.2009 "Pіvden'09": before the appointed time, but high-quality
02.02.2009 To settle a picture
20.01.2009 It is not been afraid of breech-sight of photocameras
24.11.2008 To memory of friend
07.07.2008 Epoch of Al'pert
2. 10.06.2010 09:41

Dear Vadim,
Unfortunately, Igor Alpert tragically died a few years ago ...
Articles about him http://artkavun.kherson.ua/en-pamjati_druga.htm

1. 10.06.2010 02:44

I am looking for my friend from Kherson. His name is Igor Alpert. My e-mail vadtrosh@verizon.net   I live in USA, NY 

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