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> Topics > Visual art > Art of Tavriya > Polina Rayko. Catalogue of works "Way to paradise"

Polina Rayko. Catalogue of works "Way to paradise"

The creativity
The creativity of Polina Rayko differs a little bit from classical Naive. It is rather in-between the styles of Naive and the creativity of outsiders. She did not have an artistic education except for drawing lessons at school that the old woman remembered very dimly. There was no TV set in her house and that might explain the surprising sincerity and clarity of her images, the sources of which were the surrounding world as well as her own memories.
Her images combine Christian, Soviet and heathen symbolism, however, the artist never reflected on the sources of her imagery. Polina Andreyevna called her urge to create God’s gift for all her sufferings and her difficult life.

7. 12.06.2023 22:57
Як я можу придбати примірник цієї книги?
6. 13.03.2022 10:19
Pennie Hartopp
I would like to buy a copy of the book road to paradise about the artist Polina Rayko
5. 23.02.2022 15:23
I am interested in purchasing the catalogue. I see the tel number is the country code: 380? As it's not going through. Thank you for your help Michal
4. 22.12.2021 12:00
You can find out about the catalog in the publishing house Naddnіpryanochka 066 516 1615
3. 21.12.2021 23:53
Anthony V Thompson
How can I obtain a copy of this book?
2. 28.05.2016 08:49
лингвист любитель
Искренная смесь сугубо личного в контексте прожитого времени ...замечательные работы !! ...
1. 27.05.2016 17:37
Где купить католог работ Райко?

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