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> Organizations > Visual art > Kherson provincial branch of the national union of the artists of the Ukraine

Kherson provincial branch of the national union of the artists of the Ukraine

Laconism that causes an impulse of feelings
This is an anniversary year for Kherson regional branch of the national association of artists of Ukraine. It has been 35 years since it was established. Eleven members of the organization set up their creative group in 1971 and it grows now and extends its membership. Today there are 75 members in the association and it is one of the leading organizations of Ukraine.

There are too many things to be done during this year: the exhibition in Kiev, festivals in the region etc. Old exhibition hall was rebuilt and decorated for those occasions. Pavel Shulga’s works were displayed there as it was his very first personal exhibition. Admirers of his art have been waiting for this event long time and they were not disappointed with it. Portraits, landscapes, still life, pictures were on display there.

Pavel Shulga is an author of many wall monumental paintings, stained glass decorations at public places in Kherson, Kakhovka, Skadovsk, Genichesk, and it is always fascinating.
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11.11.2010 Replenishing the ranks of artists

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