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From the history of shows in Khersonschina


08.09.2011 Velikooleksandrіvskі kultarmіytsі said about himself at all Ukraїnu
08.09.2011 Sumchani prikarpattsі that - in Genіchesku
08.09.2011 Just not looking vіdvedesh
10.03.2011 Pancake Day in Kherson
04.03.2011 In Kherson bake a giant pancake
11.11.2010 Kherson filled krasunі
23.03.2010 Valery Mikhaylovskiy: and a body will say that unsubject to the word
26.02.2010 Almost after Dyuma
19.02.2010 “Pls at paradise” in guests in “City of unasleep”
19.02.2010 «I attained nothing yet»
12.01.2010 Confluence of the souls: Svetlana and Vitaly Belonozhko
08.01.2010 GODO: doomsday will not be!
25.11.2009 «Western stars would give up Ukrainian shou-biznes in odnochas'e»
15.10.2009 The President applauded hersontsy standing
12.10.2009 Crown is not tight and the principles do not press
18.05.2009 Shou-biznes is in Kherson: zakulis'e
19.02.2009 Terrible, dangerous, air.
09.01.2009 Kherson ragsy beat records
24.12.2008 Star childhood
17.12.2008 Week-days and holidays of clown of Theme
28.11.2008 Rewards for creation
14.11.2008 From a competition to the competition
12.08.2008 Tarapunka i Shtepsel propisany v Hersone
25.07.2008 Above the edge of Tavriyskim of songs there is ringing of bells
15.07.2008 «Dnepr of Bayk of Festas»
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