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Chamber orchestra HILEYA

Chamber orchestra HILEYA is a pride of Khersonians now. Since the first years of its existence the chamber orchestra HILEYA has been an active propagandist of the world classical music, modern music, works of Ukrainian composers who repeatedly entrusted the first performance of their musical compositions to the orchestra (J. Ischenko, V. Borisov, V. Bibik, D. Zador and others).

For the first time in Ukraine the orchestra performed the Chamber symphony by Shostakovich, Divertissement by Bartok, Ch. Ives’s works and many others.

In 1978 it became the winner of the І Republican competition "Mellow autumn" and often confirmed that rank at numerous festivals and competitions.

Many well-known world musicians performed with the orchestra including a conductor B. Kalman, a pianists T. Tirino (USA), O. Bandurjansky (Russia), a composer M. Rakov (Russia), violinists O. Melnikov and T. Bekasov (Germany), leading performers of Ukraine.

This creative band adequately represented musical art of Khersonschina at many international competitions and festivals. The chamber orchestra performed throughout of ex Soviet Union with great success, represented music art in Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany.

3. 01.11.2016 10:01
Спасибо за то , что есть в нашем городе такой прекрасный оркестр . Ждём с нетерпением дальнейших концертов ! Творческих успехов и всего наилучшего для каждого музыканта данного коллектива !
2. 23.10.2016 21:24
Камерный оркестр Гилея - это просто чудо . Талантливейшие музыканты , прекрасный дирижер и также музыкант . Спасибо огромное за прекрасно проведенное время . Огромных творческих успехов . Побольше прекрасных концертов . Любим вас и всегда ждем в нашем городе Херсоне !
1. 21.04.2013 10:01
Александра Бородина


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