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> Organizations > Visual art > Museum of the contemporary art of Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy

Museum of the contemporary art of Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy

Museum of the contemporary art of Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy

The particular museum of contemporary art was established in March 5, 2004, in the apartment of the Kherson artist Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy.

Museum operates under patronizing of Kherson regional charity foundation by Polina Rayko.

The collection of museum comprises many works of the contemporary and naive art.

Besides the permanent exhibition, presentation of artists’ projects, conferences, charity and many other activities take place there.

Address of the museum:
Ukraine, 73000, Kherson, 51, r.8 Ushakov St.
Telephone: +38 (0552) 220-391.
E-mail: ca_.museum@ukrtel.net

Museum history preview:
December 14, 2002. — Declaration of establishing “Gallery of association of successors/02” (V. Mashnitskiy, I. Platonov).
February 28, 2003. — "Wall pictures (V. Mashnitskiy, I. Platonov)
March 20, 2003. — "Life after press" (moderators M. Afanas'ev, Y. Bondarenko)
April 15, 2003. — "April exhibition" (V. Mashnitskiy, L. Chernukh)
May 20, 2003. — "Painting" (I. Platonov).
September 25, 2003 — "Kherson souvenir" (moderator V. Mashnitskiy).
December 25, 2003. — "Waiting for the Yeti” (S. Volyazlovskiy).
March 5, 2004. — establishing of the museum of contemporary art. "Collection" presentation.
March 21, 2004. — Internet project "Welcome or regards from Kherson".
May 24, 2004. — "Young art of Kherson" (MSI, Association of Artists of Ukraine, "Totem").
September 18, 2004. —project "Broken framework" (moderator N. Koshelyuk).
October 8, 2004. — "Naive reality" (moderator V. Mashnitskiy).
February 2, 2005. – "Aleksandr Suvorov.”Scary children's verses" Presentation of Kherson regional charity fondation by Polina Rayko.
March 5, 2005. – "Negatives" (V. Mashnitskiy).



A complete set of collection postals is "Kherson. The winter"
1. 27.02.2014 22:29
Artur Bieszczad

Good evening,

I would be very happy to know more about Ivan Starenkov - painter from Cherson. I have few his paintings. Could you help me and write back something about this artist?

Best Regards

Artur Bieszczad

Warsaw, Poland

Artur Bieszczad,

Editorial Artkavuna portal makes inquiries about the artist. Help is expected from Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy

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