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> Organizations > CULTURE > National centres of culture in Khersonschina

National centres of culture in Khersonschina

  • Russian national centre
  • Jewish national centre 
  • German national centre 
  • Polish national centre
  • Greek national centre


Regional Polish association of "Poloniya",


02.07.2010 A republic is Korea: general projects will draw together
05.03.2010 On Poltavskaya will build moslem a center
05.03.2010 Great German trip
10.12.2009 To know and love the mother tongue
09.12.2009 Kherson is a city tolerant
01.12.2009 Tolerance is basis of understanding of bagatomanitnosti of national cultures of Kherson
24.11.2009 Crimean Tatars of XX-XXI of age
05.10.2009 Taurian family-2009
23.06.2009 Little Bavaria is in Large Kherson
21.04.2009 Photo-exhibition will tell about life of great greek
07.04.2009 Our children staggered a diplomat
27.02.2009 Etnonacional'naya policy on Kherson
28.01.2009 That rumours, who much knows languages
15.01.2009 Christmas in Kherson is celebrated twice
02.12.2008 Our unity – in a variety
23.10.2008 Crimean-Tatar questions
21.10.2008 We will talk about Ushakove
20.10.2008 German newly
20.10.2008 As we met king
17.10.2008 Vivat, king!
15.10.2008 Charles was surprised a "brick", and Silvia - to the macadam
25.09.2008 We will be helped by Japaneses
23.09.2008 Zmievka in expectant of king
13.08.2008 The German center is in Kherson
05.08.2008 Revival and development of cultural traditions of national minorities
07.07.2004 Not extinguished light menorah

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