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> Tourism, rest, entertainment > Black sea coast of Khersonschina

Black sea coast of Khersonschina

Coast of the Black sea in Khersonschina

The potential zone for holidays in Kherson is the Black sea coast. The open warm sea, excellent sand-and-shell beaches, healthful mud of salt lakes, abundance of fruits and fish make this place unique leisure and health improvement place. There are plenty of accurate particular boarding houses, which offer a wide range conditions for leisure at the sea.
There are no mountains and caves as in the Crimea, but still there is the same Black sea, enormous park zones, healthy air, the kilometres of wide sandy beaches and clean sea water.
On the website Skadovsk — city of childhood  you can find all information about the possibilities of having a good time  practically on entire coast of the Black Sea area: Zhelezniy Port, Lazurnoe, Krasnoe, Khorly, and certainly, in Skadovsk.

Zhelezniy Port  and Zhelezniy Port    Zhelezniy Port — private sector

Skadovsk   The Map— diagram of Skadovsk


Weather forecast for the seacoast of Khersonshchina


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  Наш Скадовск - это супер-город летом. Так что приезжайте, мы Вас ждем с нетерпением!

Кстати, обязательно съездите на Джарылгач.

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