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It is simple reflection about the culture


23.06.2010 Delight and shame
22.03.2010 Problem on the letter of «Kh», or Say, who your friend
05.03.2010 My language... or In what language we look films and read books
15.07.2009 «Get-togethers» on the sainted places
02.07.2009 Gidropark is in beer suds
01.07.2009 Quilting - paths overgrow...
27.06.2009 And you for whom? Ukraine «maº talent» and admirer
24.06.2009 An evening is in Gidroparke
23.06.2009 Hysteria of success?
17.06.2009 Without an erotica - not interestingly?
16.06.2009 Raboukraincy
10.06.2009 You give folk building in a park!
29.05.2009 «Seksizm in advertising»
19.05.2009 Postal with landscape
19.05.2009 Professional «moralists»
12.05.2009 Whose in the public garden of path?
06.05.2009 To every public garden – on a monument
06.05.2009 City which we are not present in
27.04.2009 Club establishment or... planetarium?
21.04.2009 Children are in the Internet: real risks of virtual immersions
25.03.2009 There are 5 thousand pariah-dogs in Kherson. Who is guilty and that to do?
23.03.2009 Will a fire become eternal?
20.02.2009 The users of the Internet take off masks: the epoch of anonymity goes away to the pas
20.02.2009 A doctor is Chaos. Incomprehensible stages — in the district of cemetery, Minkul'ta and Konchi-zaspy
16.02.2009 New gentlemen for an old sheep, or What a modern art differs from Ukrainian
04.02.2009 Officials prepare to the force-majeure
30.01.2009 Park of Lenin ... does not exist?
22.01.2009 Culture on million hryvnyas
21.01.2009 Is pitie determined by consciousness?
21.01.2009 Poland is in Kherson
06.01.2009 National culture — it and there is a national idea
30.12.2008 In schools fairy-tales are read children in new way
25.12.2008 From a library — in literary garbage
15.12.2008 Art-retreat. Why the state became the propagandist of kitcha
12.12.2008 An investment forum of "Tavriyskie is horizons: collaboration, investments, economic development"
11.12.2008 Deputies, give a money on a culture!
11.12.2008 Illusion of education
01.12.2008 The virus of potreblenchestva does not treat oneself tekhnoutopiyami
27.11.2008 We study to respect other
25.09.2008 Passions round John Howard
16.09.2008 Burning stranger ideas and history

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