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Theatrical studio “SECRET SOCIETY”

Welcome to the SECRET SOCIETY theatrical studio!

To be a teacher is a hard work. It is necessary not only to know all material but also to be able to use it in practice. And success often depends on creative potential of a teacher, from his capabilities as an actor, from ability to gain an audience. It is true that the actor and teacher professions are very alike. There is likeness in between their tasks as well — to give not only draft information to the audience, but idea, to persuade to think, create the atmosphere of trust and understanding.


In 2003 a research group was organized to be engaged in a search and approbation of actual methods of teaching English with the purpose of development of creative capabilities of students from Foreign languages department at the Institute of foreign philology of Kherson State University. A permanent leader and tutor of the group is Julia Kischenko, the head of translation department.


Write us to:: julliana@ua.fm


From the theatrical life

Theatrical of "Ljubov and revenge..."
2. 04.02.2016 09:52
Татьяна, рекомендуем написать непосредственно на эл. адрес студии: julliana@ua.fm
1. 29.01.2016 12:44
Здравствуйте,мне 16 лет,очень нравится театр,увидела в интернете вашу студию,хочется заниматься.

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