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Tischenko Irina

Tischenko Irina — a photographer.

 All my life corresponds to words — study, study, study. I went to a nursery, then school, entered the university and graduated from it in 1999. Then there was a hard time of examination to enter Kherson State Technical University. And now I am a student of a graduated course there.

Spring, 2005, there were two events which changed my life: getting a Cannon Powershot camera and a trip to Crimea. My favorite genres in photography are: landscape, macro, city view and still life.

Now I can hardly imagine my life without photography and tourism.

From 2006 — a member of Kherson photo club Fresh View


Author’s pictures are also in photo gallery Flowers of Kherson: "Time for chrysanthemum ball",  "Time for Brazilian carnival"


From portfolio.

5. 12.07.2017 21:57
David Hirsch
Hi Irina, we would like to use one of your wave water splashs privatly and spend some money by paypal. Would you mind telling us your paypal-adress, thanks a lot and greetings from berlin, germany.
4. 21.02.2014 15:59
Lisa Andreasen

Hello Irena,

I have seen your work online and would like to contact you for a photography project. I am specifically interested in your water splash images. Please email me if you are interested in working with us.



3. 05.03.2013 21:22

Hi Irina,

There is any way I can contact you by email? it's about a proposal for your photo work.

Let me know.


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2. 08.01.2013 11:20

 Hi Irina,

I'm a fellow photographer, and not too long ago I ran into someone selling one of my pictures on several RF websites.
I figured if this person has one of mine, he probably also has other people's pictures.

Unless you're using the nickname painkiller009 I found one of your images right here:


I've been in touch with Bighstockphoto, but until now they are non-responsive...

Maybe if more people chime in it'll go a bit faster to take this clown down.



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1. 29.12.2012 15:29

I was looking at Shtterstock and saw some of your work.  I did some searching and found this site with your picture  and some more images.  Very nice photos !!!

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