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Chuprina Vladimir Grigor`evich

Chuprina Vladimir was born on the 11th of May, 1940 in Khorly, Kalanchak district.

1972 — graduated from Kiev Institute of Art.
1987 — is a member of the National Association of Artists of Ukraine.
1990 — is the Honored Artist of Ukraine.
1995 — is a member of the National Association of Artists of Ukraine.
2000 — rewarded with the honorary order N1 of Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine “For the longstanding work in cultural area”.

Vladimir Chuprina’s work as a senior research assistant of the Kherson Local Studies Museum Art Department gave start to his artistic career. That was the time when the groundwork of the future Art Museum named after O.Shovkunenko was being built up. Later he administered local artistic workshop of the Art Find of Ukraine for five years and simultaneously taught history of art in the School of Culture. Since 1975 and over a distance of twenty-five years he held a position of the head of the Regional Board of Culture. It was on his initiative that the Regional Scientific Library named after O.Honchar, as well as Regional Children’s and Junior’ Libraries were built in Kherson, the Local Studies and Art Museum, the Music Special School and the Local Studies Museum Literature Department, the Puppet Theatre were renewed, a lot of culture establishments were constructed.

Despite of him being very busy Volodymir Chuprina worked as an artist continuously. After all his rewards he was given as academic rank of an assistant professor in 2002 and in 2004 he became a professor of the Fine Arts Chair.
Volodymir Chuprina participated in a wide range of group and personal art exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. National museums, embassies, ministries, educational institutions and private collections keep many of his works.


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