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Visual art

  • Art education in Kherson • Kherson State University — the Department of Culture and Art (Major: "Art. Art culture, art editing of enlightenment publications") — Kherson, ...
  • Art of Tavriya Art of Tavriya Kherson regional organization National Association of Artist of Ukraine References: Internet gallery "Painting of Tavriya" http://valeriy.public.kherson.ua/ ...
  • Contemporary art in Kherson Actual art — the aggregate of experimental art practices that appeared in the second half of XX century. Actual art is indissolubly related to such kinds and receptions of ...
  • Futurism in Khersonschina Futurism in Khersonschina Futurism, early 20th-century orientation of art that pointedly rejected all traditions and attempted instead to glorify contemporary life, mainly ...
  • Kherson Body Art   Body Art, decoration, ornamentation, or reshaping of the human body, usually for aesthetics, status, or identity. Most forms of body art, including piercing (for the purpose ...
  • Kherson graffiti Kherson graffiti Graffiti Art, art inspired by urban graffiti. Interest in graffiti art emerged in the 1970s in New York City, when artists and critics began to see graffiti as a direct ...
  • Photo art of Tavriya Photo art of Tavriya Photography is a method of picture making developed in the early 19th century, based on principles of light, optics, and chemistry. The word photography comes ...
  •  VISUAL ART online Competitions: Ukrainian open competition of social art, animation and ideas "Social Breakthrough" — http://www.toongu.ru The reproduction of the famous artists’ ...

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